Beta Testing Brings New Solutions!


We have recently developed a beta version of our first business line, an intelligent sales channel, focusing on the insurance sector. Users can interact and carry on a conversation with the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to purchase personalized car insurance through the application. Everything through the convenience of voice commands.

The beta version was created to present the AI Assistant’s possibilities and capabilities and engage people in active testing to improve its performance.

Beta developed on top of the Proof of Concept with IBM

Our AI Assistant beta was developed on top of the Proof of Concept solution built as part of the joint project with IBM. VAIOT’s and IBM’s developers’ combined competencies allowed to deliver a verified version of VAIOT’s Assistant serving two concrete and narrow use-cases — a C2C transaction between users to sell a car and a B2C car insurance sale process. The PoC level experience allowed our Team to move further in the development process and develop a beta version of VAIOT’s AI Assistant to offer this solution to businesses across different sectors in a B2B2C model.

Testing results

At VAIOT, we believe that community is an essential part of the project. We have reached many people and received numerous requests but selected around 50 testers from the community to try out our solution and provide us with feedback. Researches, blockchain experts and enthusiasts, business-oriented people, and people working for various companies that consider implementing VAIOT into their business operations were part of it.

Our beta testers supported us daily and provided us with valuable feedback. We have received a significant number of useful comments and ideas for potential future functionalities. Based on collected feedback, our development team resolved some issues and made adequate corrections, which contributed to the fact that the system is now more useful and user-friendly.

(VAI) Token of appreciation

After successful testing and implementing changes, we selected the most committed participants. Top testers were rewarded with VAI Tokens, but not only. Each participant received the equivalent of 10$ in VAI Tokens, as we appreciate their interest and involvement with the project.

The currently improved beta version of our software allows us to offer our AI Sales Assistant to various insurance companies and other potential clients in diverse sectors.

We hope to invite you soon for future VAIOT testing events as new functionalities will come alive, and they will require your judgment, feedback, and insights.

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