VAI Liquidity Mining Launch!


We are excited to announce the start of our Liquidity Provider Incentive Program!

Your VAI/ETH Liquidity Providers’ (LP) Tokes can now be staked in VAIOT’s liquidity incentive program to earn VAI Tokens. The staking portal can be found here:

  • Official VAI Token Smart Contract Address: 0x9f801c1f02af03cc240546dadef8e56cd46ea2e9
  • Uniswap Contract Address: 0x454d7156b0F62f61E7F2Ad6A65D29Ce681D6D354

Please make sure that you use the above-mentioned addresses. Avoid those from people claiming to be a part of the VAIOT Team or affiliated with the VAIOT Team. Please stay safe and use addresses posted only on our official channels.


The first round of the program is planned for 3 months, starting on 17.02. Rewards will be accumulated from the very beginning, but the withdrawal process will start on the 25th of February due to VAIOT’s Token Release Schedule.

Liquidity incentive program start: 17.02.2021

Rewards withdrawals start: 25.02.2021


VAIOT will be rewarding VAI/ETH LP token stakers with a total of 210,000 VAI Tokens distributed proportionally between all the participants in the first 3-month period. The more significant share in the total LPs staked you have, the larger amount of rewards you’ll receive. User’s rewards will be proportional to the amount staked during the initial 3-month period. You can claim your rewards any time after the rewards’ withdrawals start.

  • Rewards per month: 70,000 VAI
  • Rewards per week: 17,500 VAI

Token yields are relatively high and could amount to 7,000 VAI Tokens per month if your LP stands for 10% of the total stake. The table below indicates the number of rewards you can get by staking your LP tokens.

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Enjoy the Staking!


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