VAIOT Beta Testing Round 2

VAIOT — Breakdown AI Assistant Beta Testing Round 2

VAIOT is excited to be able to share the results of the 2nd Beta Testing round of the VAIOT AI Assistant.

Over several months, we have tested and further developed the Beta version of our AI Assistant, which will be the underlying technology for all three business lines: the AI Sales Assistant, the AI Insurance Broker and Aggregator as well as the AI Legal Assistant.

VAIOT’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) allows users to interact and engage in conversation via the VAIOT mobile app and follow the process of purchasing car insurance, for example. All actions can be conducted with the convenience of voice commands.

The VAIOT AI Assistant has been developed based on the Proof-of-Concept project we conducted with IBM. As mentioned before, VAIOT’s business plan includes three different business lines, which will be developed in different phases. The current Beta version stands for business line one: the AI Sales Assistant as a new way of accessing services by consumers and businesses in various industries. The AI Assistant can easily be incorporated with applications and systems of different service providers to handle different internal and external processes.

The second round of Beta Testing was created to present and evaluate the possibilities and capabilities offered by the AI Assistant as an intelligent sales channel. Furthermore, we wanted to make sure that potential users would feel engaged, and thus, we needed the help of the community to actively test the product.

In particular, the current beta version of our software focuses on the process of purchasing personalized car insurance. We will use this version to present it to various insurance companies and other potential clients. The high number of iterations, questions, and options in the conversation with the AI Assistant was done to test, present, and evaluate as much as possible.

You can use an IVA in many more ways in comparison to a graphical interface as you can say anything. Because of that, we need as much input as possible and from various people (accents, general way of speaking, etc.). The more you talk with VAIOT, the more it keeps better by itself, so there is a possibility that VAIOT won’t recognize a given phrase the first or second time, but it might on the third attempt. Of course, as it is still an early stage of development, we are fixing as many bugs as we can manually.

Humans have the unique ability to learn from any situation or surrounding and we adapt according to what we’ve learned. AI, however, learns from data and data sets. Thus, for VAIOT’s AI Assistant to improve and get better at its job, it needs to be fed a lot of data. Which is what we’ve been doing during Beta Testing.

For those wondering, the blockchain is not integrated into the current Beta version of the software.

Beta Testing Round 2 lasted a little over a month, starting on the 23rd of March 2021 and ending on the 30th of April 2021.

VAIOT will be doing further rounds of testing with the community. However, the next rounds will most likely test the AI Broker and Aggregator or AI Legal Assistant, depending on the development process. As soon as we have more information about this, we will share it with you!

Feedback and Results

Before the start of the 2nd round of Beta Testing, the following testing personas were made:

  1. Persona 1: you are an insurance company that is trying out this software and evaluating it as a new intelligent distribution channel.
  2. Persona 2: you are a regular customer that wants to buy car insurance.

During the testing round, we evaluated how the App works with the above-named personas in mind, which functionalities are missing, what else should be added and how the overall user experience for the app is perceived.

A 100 Testers were selected for the 2nd round of Beta Testing. The Recap Survey send to all Beta Test participants has found that most people signed up for the 2nd round of Beta Testing because they were curious as to what the possibilities for the VAIOT AI Assistant were. Additionally, they wanted to contribute to VAIOT as they feel passionate about the project. Overall, the VAIOT app user experience and interface were described as easy to use, fast and useful. Through Beta Testing, the VAIOT Assistant’s ability to decipher unique accents was dramatically improved by the diversity of participants. The ability to converse in a more in-depth manner with the AI Assistant is also ameliorated.

Furthermore, Beta Testers have found the functionalities of the AI Assistant App such as requesting insurance assistance and filling out initial personal information, work very fluently. Through this test round, VAIOT’s AI Assistant has further developed its knowledge and understanding of specialized car information such as make and model. Naturally, the learning curve of VAIOT’s AI has accelerated with all the given information during this round of testing. Thus, with newfound insights, VAIOT can now reevaluate the AI Assistants’ understanding of foreign languages and accents to expedite its knowledge base.

The VAIOT AI Assistant answers questions accurately, fast and has a sharp response, this was the general feedback given during testing. That said, most Beta Testers stated that the possibility to directly engage and aggregate insurance via an Artificial Intelligence App, is attractive and a convenient solution for a normally complicated and lengthy procedure.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the experiences and feedback shared via the 2nd round of Beta Testing of VAIOT’s AI Assistant were much as expected. We’re thrilled to hear that so many testers have found the app the be incredibly useful and would be interested in using it for their insurance aggregation and other processes.

Furthermore, many have found the user experience of the app to be positive. The biggest improvements will be to feed the AI more data to understand different languages and accents as well as adding more options to the answer that can be given.

VAIOT would like to thank all Beta Testers for their contributions to this round, and we’re thrilled to further develop our app heading to its release.

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