VAIOT speaking at IBM Conference!


VAIOT and IBM talked about our partnership on 23.06.2020 at the IBM Data and AI Virtual Forum Poland, where our COO – Pawel Andruszkiewicz – was interviewed and gave an overview of our solution, the joint development project with IBM and future development plans.

VAIOT is developing an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), which is strictly business-oriented. The development process is divided into stages; thus, the project stakeholders need to understand where we are in terms of progress. In terms of the current product development process, Pawel explained that: “Currently developed Intelligent Virtual Assistant can be offered to various clients in different economic sectors. What I mean by that is whenever your company, have a product or service to be sold digitally, or you serve your customers digitally you can use VAIOT’s’s technology to have your own AI assistant delivered to your customers via a mobile application to potentially increase sales, revenues or reduce your costs depending on which process you choose. We are not talking about simple chatbots; we are talking about your customers using Natural User Interface, including speech recognition for voice conversation with the AI assistant that e.g., suggests suitable product or service based on customer requirements”. This is building our way towards the ultimate goal, which is the AI Legal Assistant.

VAIOT and IBM entered into cooperation in Q4 2019, which allowed for a joint development project of VAIOT’s Intelligent Service Distribution Channel’s Proof of Concept based on IBM’s Watson Assistant engine. Based on this cooperation, the companies continue their joint efforts to spread the word about the project itself and VAIOT’s solutions utilizing IBM’s technological components. As Pawel explained in the interview: “We started from PoC project done jointly with IBM which allowed us to see if Watson is a suitable technology for us, we combined our development teams (Watson experts, our mobile developers, analysts and blockchain experts) and this allowed VAIOT Team to go further into the development alone and develop the MVP, the minimum viable product, of the VAIOT IVA that we want to offer to the market”.

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