VAIOT x Sin City Metaverse – Metaverse Enhancement

  • Exploration of the development of Sin City Metaverse society infrastructure.
  • Co-research on the development of Metaverse job economies and gamification.
  • Implementation of VAIOT’s Metagreements into the Sin City Metaverse. 
  • VAIOT to acquire land in the Sin City Metaverse.
Sin City Metaverse x VAIOT

It is with great excitement that VAIOT announced our partnership with Sin City Metaverse, the ultimate “Rated R” Metaverse, centered around an underworld play-to-earn game housing multiple gaming projects for an immersive multiplayer experience. 

The partnership will entail five main areas on which the teams will be working together. First, co-research on the development of metaverse society infrastructures. VAIOT’s meta agreements are built with the aim of establishing a fair and balanced metaverse society with a job economy, item economy and a set of decentralized law guidelines (DeLa) to govern metaverses in a decentralized way. Together, Sin City Metaverse and VAIOT will be looking to research exactly how a decentralized society should operate in a crime-centered metaverse. 

Secondly, VAIOT and Sin City will be working on the development of metaverse job economies. With this partnership, we help to progress the development of VAIOT’s meta agreements technology and create a job economy that will attract and develop professional players in the Sin City Metaverse. After several discussions between the two teams, it has been strongly established that the priority will be on creating opportunities to keep the $SIN and $VAI tokens highly usable and the use cases robust within the Sin City Metaverse. 

Additionally, VAIOT’s team will act as advisors in the gamification of the Sin City Metaverse, including the crafting of complex game mechanics that tie into the Sin City economy. That said, Sin City Metaverse will implement VAIOT’s meta agreements into their metaverse. As VAIOT approaches Mainnet, and thus the deployment of meta agreements, the teams will discuss meta agreements as the new contract or mission mechanism in Sin City Metaverse.

Finally, VAIOT will acquire land in the Sin City Metaverse, making it a new office and potentially, letting VAIOT team members live on the dangerous side of life during work. VAIOT’s team will further implement co-marketing initiatives with land in Sin City, and will explore the possibilities for a decentralized courthouse in the Sin City Metaverse. 

About Sin City Metaverse 

Sin City Metaverse is an advanced, multiplayer metaverse with a play-to-earn mechanism and build on the Polygon Blockchain. The game is based in the most controversial cities of the world, where digital real estate is available to be purchased. Users can buy the land to develop and build their empires. The game is aimed at becoming the ultimate kingpin. Giving room to a highly social-orientated platform, where you can build clubs, hang out with friends and truly immerse into the metaverse. 

For more information about Sin City, have a look at the website and socials

About VAIOT 

VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to supply automated services and transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable. Delivering full-stack technology solutions in AI and Blockchain.  

For more information about VAIOT, visit our website,, or have a look at the Twitter and Telegram Community. 

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